Our thoughts and sympathies are with our friends, colleagues, the students and alumni of Glasgow School of Art. The huge fire at this iconic and world renowned institution is devastating in the extreme and a source of deep anxiety and sadness for all in our community.
Assuming structural integrity can be maintained, it is important to remind ourselves that Glasgow School of Arts staff, management and supporters returned the Mackintosh’s Glasgow School of Art to its earlier condition within 4 years of the last fire. It can be done again and we support their efforts, energy and experience in returning this landmark building to the provision of developing young minds.

Last Event


    Austerity, Adversity, Art?

    Fine Art education as a site of social and political resistance, initiative and engagement
    Friday, 23 March 2018 (All day)

    National Association for Fine Art Education

    Closing remarks

    500 = 10 X 10 X 5

    I like systems; regularity, order, solidity, solidarity, form and unity.
    Foundations to support the construction of my thoughts and beliefs.
    Then I can deviate and create difference or differently create.
    Sensible foundations give us permission to breathe out of rhythm.
    To see around corners or from behind doors and walls.
    To resist resolution and know that there is always more.
    Pragmatically, personal invention and adventure requires a degree of certainty.
    A sense of the earth beneath our feet, of belonging.
    Creative freedoms are most sincere when rooted in secured footings.
    To be of society, each cultural contribution must have value. 

    I choose to respond to one pressing and paradoxical dilemma.
    It concerns our general assumption of civic and equal rights.
    A squandered democratic vision in an era of privileged participation.

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