NAFAE is the Subject Association for Fine Art education in the UK. We advocate the interests, promotion and cultural relevance of Fine Art education at Foundation, BA, MA and PhD levels. The Association aims to be instrumental in anticipating and shaping decisions that impact on the enhancement and future development of Fine Art by engaging with a range of constituencies.

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    Artist as Superconnector Superconductor

    Pedagogical Provocations
    Friday, 24 March 2017 (All day)

    National Association for Fine Art Education
    Keynote speaker:
    Sarah Shalgosky, curator of the Mead Gallery at Warwick Arts Centre

    Opening Remarks

    Chair’s Remarks. NAFAE AGM – 2017

    QUOTE - “I don’t know anyone who voted leave; I didn’t on the day after the 23rd June and I still don’t.”

     The chap who spoke these words lives in Scotland meaning that his observation is probably true. Even if it is a bit of a generalisation it does shine a light on something of a reality. If you work in the Arts and, more specifically, Higher Education and the Arts, it is likely that you will experience your primary community as an international body of interest with shared or similar professional experiences and habitus. For anyone in this position, it is possible that Internationalism and a sense of transnational community is an understandable and common position. Therefore, the idea of separation and social segregation on the grounds of national distinction is likely to be pretty repellant..

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