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Fine Art Research Network Symposium

Posted: 11 Feb 2016
By Andrew Sheridan
Submission date:
30 April 2016
Event date:
Friday, 15 July 2016 (All day)

Contact Email:

NAFAE is hosting a symposium exploring aspects of doctoral research in Fine Art practice and Fine Art pedagogy. We are offering an opportunity to present a paper about what you are researching, and how you are researching it or, if you are supervisor, strategies for supervision. 

The aim of the symposium is to explore and debate issues of fine art research. It is hoped that a broad range of approaches to fine art research may be represented, to facilitate discussion of the range of topics being researched, and the methods being used to research them. 

The Fine Art Research Network invites the submission of abstracts that might include some of the following:

    • topic being researched
    • aim of the research
    • method for researching the topic
    • methodology
    • pedagogic strategies

Abstracts are invited from MPhil/PhD students, and post-doctoral researchers, and MPhil/PhD supervisors. Collaborative papers produced by supervisors with supervisees are welcomed, along with other forms of collaborative work. 

Abstracts may address the following questions (though they are not limited to them): 

    • Why the methods you are using are appropriate for your research aim? And why they are more appropriate than other methods?
    • Methodological innovations: how an existing research method has been developed and adapted for your research, and the reason? 
    • How methods developed by other subject areas might be used in fine art research? 
    • What are useful models of MPhil/PhD research in Fine Art?
    • What methods are useful for practice-based research?

Abstracts are to be submitted for peer review by the 30th April to
Papers will have 20 minutes for delivery time with time after for questions.