Drawing Conversations 3

Drawing Talking to the Sciences

Posted: 16 Aug 2019
By wd-sheridan
Submission date:
24 September 2019
Event date:
Friday, 17 January 2020 (All day)
Emma Stibbon RA, 'Glacier Terminus, Antarctica'

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Call for Papers

Drawing Conversations invites submission of artworks and papers about contemporary and historical examples of drawing which build relationships with or demonstrate engagement between drawing and the sciences. While not limited to these we are particularly interested in work that addresses:

  • Drawing providing solutions to research problems outside the creative arts

  • Innovative graphic approaches, technologies or languages adapted to current science challenges

  • Drawing as an alert practice of noticing in science, as measurement, index, catalogue or document that communicates, perhaps where other technologies fail.

  • How artists develop new approaches to drawing that enable them to notice and record the previously unnoticed.

  • Drawing as a tool for synthesizing ideas and data from different disciplines

  • Parallels between methods of drawing and activity in other fields of research

  • The role of drawing in enhancing or extending current scientific fieldwork practices.

  • How drawing adapts to new and challenging natural and non-natural environments

  • Drawing which investigates new or changing human practices, behaviours or beliefs.

  • Entanglements and symbiotic relationships between drawing and ecology

  • How does drawing enable us to speculate and plan for future ecologies and lifeways?

To submit a paper

Please send an abstract of up to 300 words to g.davies@lancaster.ac.uk , h.l.gorrill@lancaster.ac.uk and sarah.casey@lancaster.ac.uk

Deadline for abstracts and artworks : Tuesday 24th September 5pm

For any questions about submitting a paper or drawing please contact Helen Gorrill in the first instance at h.l.gorrill@lancaster.ac.uk