Kirsten Adkins

I am a PHD candidate in the factulty of arts at the University of Wolverhampton

Livingstone Road
B14 6DJ
United Kingdom

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I work across film, performance, installation and photography to examine screen based constructions of violence. My work tackles overt and covert representations of violence seen in British factual news and television. 


I am a funded PHD candidate working at the Centre for Film, Media, Discourse and Culture (CFMDC) at Wolverhampton University.   My research is practice led and explores the representationof British Military force through news and advertising.  As part of this I explore themes of gesture, the body and cycles of aggression. 


I am an experienced lecturer and arts manager with a teaching specialism in fine art, film and photography.  Until recently I was a manager of a large and successful arts department in a further education college.  I was a producer and director at the BBC for ten years and I combine this experience with my research practice to examine a relationship between factual television, art and performance. 


I have delivered papers nationally and internationally. I recieved British Council and Arts Council funding to explore partnerships with artists and educators in the UK, San Francisco and San Jose. I have a BA in Fine Art; communication, film and media (Sheffield Hallam University) and an MA in Fine Art and education (Birmingham City University) 

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