NAFAE Steering Group

Promoting Fine Art Education

NAFAE is led by a steering group of appointed staff and co-opted members that represent different areas of expertise within Fine Art Education. The steering group meets quarterly to review and plan events as well as to respond to key issues within NAFAE and the Art and Design sector. In the past these issues have included:

  • Commenting on and amending important aspects of the QAA bench marking exercise in Art and Design.
  • Commenting on Government legislation and policy proposals relating to the HE sector
  • Increasing communication between Fine Art institutions.
  • The European standardization of Fine Art courses.

For the date of the next Steering Group meeting:
Meeting dates
For Steering Group meeting papers:
Meeting papers

Steering Group Members

The Steering group consists of:

  • Paul Haywood
    NAFAE Chair
    Dean of Academic Programmes, University of the Arts
  • Maggie Ayliffe
    NAFAE Secretary
    Fine Art - Course Leader, University of Wolverhampton
    Material and Theoretical Practice
  • Lisa Stansbie
    NAFAE Chair
    Head of School, Leeds Beckett
  • Linden Reilly
    HEAD trust representative/Treasurer
    Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for MA by Project, London Metropolitan University
    MA by Project, BA Fine Art
  • Chris Smith
    Editor of JVAP and Research Journal Lead Member
    Visiting Fellow, University of the Arts

Co-opted Members

The steering group has also invited the following members:

  • Sue Spark
    Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University
  • Sarah Rowles
    Co-Opted, Member for Graduates and Students
    , Q-Art
  • Professor Sheila Gaffney
    Co-Opted, New Members Secretary
    Programme Director Art & Performance, Leeds College of Art
    BA(Hons) Fine Art MA Fine Art, MA Creative Practice
  • Professor Robert Williams
    Co-Opted, Practitioner Research
    Professor of Fine Art, University of Cumbria
    Fine Art
  • Professor Rebecca Fortnum
    Professor of Fine Art and Research Lead, Royal College of Art
  • Professor Emeritus Howard Riley
    Co-Opted, Research Degrees Symposia Chair
    , Independent Researcher
  • Michael Marshall
  • Judith Mottram
    Dean of School, Professor of Visual Arts, Royal College of Art
  • Joe Woodhouse
    Senior Lecturer, University of Sunderland
    Art and Design
  • Jill Journeaux
    Co-Opted, Conference Chair
    0.2 professor of Fine Art, Coventry University
  • Jenny Walden
    Associate Dean (Academic), University of Portsmouth
    Faculty of Technology
  • Jane Ball
    Co-Opted, International networks Lead Member
    Senior Lecturer, Coventry University
  • Dr David Haley
    Visiting Professor, Zhongyuan University of Technology
    Making Our Furtures: ecological arts and sustainable design
  • Dr Catherine Maffioletti
    Research Fellow: Academic, Ravensbourne College
  • Dean Hughes
    Co-Opted, CHEAD representative
    Head of the School of Art, University of Edinburgh
  • David Alker
    Fine Art Programme Area Leader, University of Central Lancashire
  • Christopher McHugh
    Co-Opted, Artist Educators Lead Member
    Senior Lecturer, University of Chichester
    Undergraduate and MA
  • Catrin Webster
    MA Pathway Leader, Visual Communication, University of Wales Trinity Saint David
    Art and Design